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Oceanking Packaging specialize in manufacturing and supplying customized packagings for your own brand.

Since 1994 with the 28 years of development, cooperation and integrity in the flexible packaging business and wide range of supply, we're one big team.

At Oceanking Packaging you talk to just one of us and you can rely on all of us team work for what you need with the best quality, service and solution.

Our value: Packaging Perfection is Our Goal. Your Trust is Our Reward.

More than a simple delivery: After decades of experience in packaging design, production, advanced printing management and service philosophy, we help customers to make a breakthrough on their products with top quality,innovate solution and technology, competitive prices, comprehensive supply and one-stop service from design to delivery. 

More than a packaging supplier: We maintain our valuable relationships through a commitment to understanding the unique needs of your business and a dedication to customer service.

We rely on consistent product quality, serious service and competitive prices to become the loyal supporter of your brand.


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